Meeting Point.  2013. Videoinstallation. 11"


Everybody have a "meeting point". This space may become a point of disagreement, a revelation even an affirmation of the past, present or the future. Meeting Point focused on people with different kind of relationships - a mother and her son, two old friends, a 40-years marriage... - who met at a specific time and day but without agreeing with the place to meet. Characters just went to the place that they connected with the other person and their relationship. The camera was on both places and it recorded the meeting or the failed meeting. During the exhibition the viewers may watch each "couple story" projected in a 2-sides screen arranged in the middle of the room.  So they might anticipate the end of each story walking freely around the double screen.  Each video was overprinted with subtitles about the thoughts that the characters had in those moments.

A mother and her son failed a meeting: "I'm where I was close to kill you during my birth..." Said the son from the hospital. In the other part of the town, his mother was waiting for him in a soccer field:  "This is the place where I used to see him happy.. Maybe I don't know you enough, my son... ".  Also the place was physically changed because the soccer field had been converted in a parking. Eight other stories were selected for the exhibition. The characters were expecting a meeting and by this seemingly banal act, they rediscovered the other person. Also they reviewed their relationship and new paths in their lifes. This exhibition was part of the biannual exhibition CRUÏLLA : ciutat i cultura  "The castell Medieval ".


Vida en tiempo muerto. 2011. Street Art & Videoinstallation. 9"


Hundreds of clandestine stickers traveling by subway, train and bus. Short, incisive and poetic quotes that aim to change the perception of space, relationships and time on the public transport. Stickers in windows like "There are trains that cross just once in your life" "Behind of you a door closes. Before your eyes another one opens." "Between you and me there's only a word" or "Waiting for what you are imagining, the present escapes." were twitted and instragramed in many accounts. The video documentary was Cinemad finalist in 2012 and screened at  Art Museum Reina Sofia in Madrid.


Lost memories Project. 2008-2010

I was collecting undeveloped super 8 tapes from different second hand markets and some historical register centers to edit music videos.


 Music video No sóc Prou. 2011.

Metropol'his Videoart Festival proposed to shoot and edit a videoclip in 48 hours with the images that they provide to you of the band. The brief: transmit suffocation and pain of a romantic relationship. This video won the first prize and it was selected by the band to be their official music video.