I felt like a scrabble professional working as a creative copywriter. I got tired to have squeezed the same words in between my lips. So I kept a few words and I started to use my scriptwriter knowledge to be a visual storyteller.

I've worked and collaborated in short films, documentaries and commercials. Some of my video installations and videoart have been showcased in Sala Art Moritz, Castell medieval, Museo de Arte Reina Sofía, Sala Apolo (Vj works), ExpressionArt.

My documentaries also have been screened in a few cinemas and broadcasted in TV Channels (TV3, XTVL).

You can also find some books that include my short stories ("Cuentos diversos", "Café con letras").

Nostalgia and the passage of time are my main themes featuring mundane domestic poetry. 






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